24 Apr

Ci's Yagan Square LED screen design & build story

One of the reasons Ci is responsible for nearly of Australia's most prestigious major LED projects is that the company will often break new ground in pursuit of the best outcome. In the case of Yagan Square it introduced a new kind of screen to Australia, one that could successfully meet the overall vision. For the city of Perth it was a triumph, for Ci it was an engineering challenge to be enjoyed.

04 Apr

Australia's biggest civic project involving LED display goes public at last.


We are finally able to tell the world about our involvement with Australia’s most exciting civic LED project, Yagan Square in Perth. It's Perth's answer to Melbourne's Federation Square and a giant cylindrical LED display from Ci features as the centerpiece. This triumphant civic redevelopment by WA’s Metropolitan Renewal Authority successfully unites cosmopolitan Northbridge north of the railway line with the CBD proper for the first time. Not only is it a superb new meeting place for the city's inhabitants, but it also has an indigenous story to tell. For more detail you can download the project background in booklet form via the link below. The night time video above is courtesy of Ramus Illumination who both devised the screen content and lighting design for the project. Yagan Square was a gigantic team effort. The architects, artists and landcape designers involved are all featured in the booklet.

A link to Ramus Illumination can be found here.

15 Mar

SNA USA show the power of content

SNA Displays in the USA have put together some impressive LED screens over the years, including the giant corner screen shown here at 20 Times Sq NYC. But as this video demonstrates, it's actually content that determines interest levels.

Australia can now also point to some great examples. Watch this space to see some interesting content come out of Perth very shortly.


20 Feb

Northbridge WA creates an outdoor civic theatre

Add a high quality LED screen and sound system to an outdoor civic space and you create aa valuable community asset, an outdoor theatre. It can be used to show movies, live TV or vvideo footage captured of local sport or other community activities. We think every city and shire in Australia should have one.